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Look up and discover the angels of Paris: They're hovering everywhere, hiding in plain sight, each telling their own stories about the city—of romance and royalty, war and revolution, miracles and pilgrimages, art and architecture. On a winding medieval street, find a house adorned by angels carved by a benevolent soul who lived there in the 13th century. Climb to the highest point in Paris to see a magnificent archangel delicately landing on an enormous alligator. Across the city, above a pâtisserie on an enchanting turn-of-the-century shop sign, a pair of floating angels rain down chocolate and vanilla macarons. There are angels on door knockers, sundials, lightning rods, and carriage doors; angels with keys, mirrors, tassels, pomegranates, bagpipes, lilies, scallop shells, and compasses—each with special meaning. The angels' stories are entwined with monks, pirates, Crusaders, duchesses. Some angels are taming lions, others are working on the railroad or crushing dragons, yet always they are watching over and protecting Paris, and heightening her timeless beauty.

Angels of Paris features beautiful photos taken from dawn to dusk, in all seasons, accompanied by text explaining the story behind the creation of each angel and of the location in which it is found. Organized chronologically, the book delves into the artistic trends and historic movements the angels reflect and the stories of the artists who created them and those who commissioned them. Readers will learn about Paris's history, buildings, and monuments through the abundant, beautiful and surprising depictions of angels from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century.

Angels of Paris is the first book to explore this intriguing and extraordinary subject and is a unique way for lovers of Paris to learn more about the city in a new and unusual way.

Rosemary Flannery has lived in France since 1989, and enjoys dual French-American nationality. She graduated with honors in French from Columbia University in 1985 with a degree in French language and literature and studied Méthodologie de l'Architecture with Professor Claude Mignot, an authority on Parisian building façades, at the Sorbonne. While at Columbia she co-produced and hosted French Encounters, a public-access television program on French culture produced in conjunction with the French Embassy. In 2005 she created and produced The Art Beat, a weekly cultural magazine for Paris Live Radio, an internet radio station; several of her programs were picked up by BBC World. She works as a writer, artist, and also gives tours of Paris museums and neighborhoods. (www.angelsofparis.com)
Angels of Paris
An Architectural Tour through the History of Paris
Rosemary Flannery
6 x 6 inches, 232 pages
ISBN 978-1-936941-01-8
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